Explosives Plant C
Milk Plant
Supplied fresh milk daily, made from
unsalted butter, dried skim milk
powder and water, to the 20-30,000
workers & residents of Nitro.
The "Milk Plant" was a mechanical dairy - affording an adequate milk supply to a
city of 25,000 population in the absence of cows - was a commercial reality never
before heard of, a triumph that emerged from war-created difficulties in Nitro, West
Virginia.  It was the first commercial demonstration of the possibilities of producing
fluid milk from a cowless dairy in the United States.

In 1921, Luigi Lemma purchased the Milk Plant & turned it into a thriving Ice Plant
business until he closed it down & retired in 1959.

Currently, this site is the location of the Cornerstone Church of God, who purchased
the property, tore down the old Ice Plant & built a church there.