City of Nitro
Fatal Disasters
Saturday, October 2, 1937 Monsanto Explosion
Escaping benzol fumes were blamed last night for the explosion at the Monsanto
Chemical plant at Nitro Saturday which killed two men and injured three others.

June 2, 1942 Plane Crash
Ewing Whiteman, 25, of Park. near Clarksburg, was burned to death when his
craft struck a power line near the Royal Oaks' club grounds between Nitro and
Sattes. His hands were clutching the ripcord of his parachute, indicating he had
intended to jump.

June 1952 Plane Crash
Five persons, including GLENN T. CLARK, pioneer flier of the Kanawha Valley,
died when two small planes crashed after colliding in the air 200 feet over the
Armour Creek backwater just north of Nitro

Tuesday, April 16, 1957 Monsanto Explosion
An explosion at Monsanto Chemical Company leveled the three-story Building
46, killed eight workmen, injured one other and unleashed chlorine fumes which
forced 1,500 persons to leave their homes.

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The City of Nitro was incorporated on Feb. 20, 1932