2012-10-07 Gazette - Nitro Barber Scissors Happy for 54 Years

2012-09-20 WSAZ TV3 - Pedestrian Killed, Another Hurt in Nitro

2012-09-19 WSAZ TV3 - Nitro Making Strides to Clean Up the City

2012-09-18 Gazette - Nitro Man Charged With Stealing Safe

2012-09-18 Gazette - Nitro Man Accused of Stealing Safe

2012-09-18 Gazette - Nitro City Council Serious About City Cleanup

2012-09-13 WSAZ TV3 - Nitro - St. Albans Bridge Reopens Following Water Leak

2012-09-13 WOWK TV13 - Nitro - St. Albans Bridge to Reopen to Traffic After Water Main Break

2012-09-12 Gazette - Nitro Woman Warns Against Dog Treats Made in China

2012-09-12 Gazette - Nitro Library Will Host Lecture on Nitro - St. Albans Bridge

2012-09-10 Gazette - Fishing Tourney to Launch Nitro Boat Ramp

2012-09-07 Gazette - Nitro to Close Streets for Festival

2012-09-07 WCHS TV8 - Police Issue Traffic Advisories for Events This Weekend in Nitro

2012-09-07 Daily Mail - Man Hit by Vehicle in Critical Condition

2012-09-06 The Garage Journal - Nitro, WV - 3-Day Car Show

2012-09-06 Nitro Convention & Visitor Bureau - Nitro 51st Antique Car Show Event List

2012-09-05 Gazette - Nitro Antique Car Show and Book Town Day is This Weekend

2012-09-05 Fayette Tribune - Tinsley to Coach Golf at Tech

2012-09-04 Gazette - Nitro Council Members Accept Street Paving Bids

2012-08-29 West Virginia Record - Couple Sues Nitro For Failing to Release Documents

2012-08-27 WSAZ TV3 - Vigil Honors Soccer Coach Who Suffered Heart Attack Before Game

2012-08-27 Gazette - Late Coach Remembered With Candlelight Vigil

2012-08-22 Gazette - OSHA Investigates Death at Nitro Plant

2012-08-22 Daily Mail - OSHA Investigates After Nitro Chemical Plant Worker Dies

2012-08-21 Gazette - Nitro Moves Forward With New Website Plans

2012-08-21 Daily Mail - Nitro to Offer Automatic Withdrawal Option for City Fees

2012-08-21 Credit Union Times - VolCorp Members Elect Three to Board

2012-08-20 Gazette - Nitro Could Teach Washington a Good Deal

2012-08-20 Credit Union Today - Peoples FCUs Brewer Testifies at House Hearing in West Virginia

2012-08-15 Daily Mail - Nitro Seeks to Build Better Image

2012-08-12 WV Commerce - Nitro Antique Car Show

2012-08-12 Gazette - New Nitro Police Chief Wants More Community Oriented Department

2012-08-10 WSAZ TV3 - Natural Gas Odor Causes Concern in Nitro

2012-08-09 WCHS TV8 - Nitro High School Soccer Teams Are Adapting to New Digs

2012-08-09 WSAZ TV3 - New Discount Retail Store to Open at Nitro Marketplace

2012-08-08 WBOY TV12 - Brian Oxley Has Been Named the New Police Chief of Nitro

2012-08-08 Daily Mail - Nitro Lawyer Has Artistic Passion

2012-08-07 WOWK TV13 - New Nitro Police Chief Launches Crime Communication Initiatives

2012-08-07 Gazette - Nitro Council Oks New Police Chief

2012-08-07 Daily Mail - Text Service Provides Fast Emergency Notifications

2012-08-07 Daily Mail - Nitro Selects New Police Chief

2012-08-06 Gazette - Nitro Police Chief Named

2012-08-03 Kanawha Valley Neighbors - Living Water Thrift Store Moves Across River to Nitro

2012-08-03 Daily Mail - W.Va. Gets $2.2 Million for Highway Improvements

2012-07-30 Daily Mail - Art Classes Therapeutic for Nitro Seniors

2012-07-25 Kanawha Valley News - Adopt a Block Beautification Program

2012-07-25 Gazette - Lawyers Given More Time Before Monsanto Settlement

2012-07-24 Gazette - Man Wanted to be Shot, Trooper Was Told

2012-07-24 Gazette - Following Nitro Action, Carper Wants Annexation Loophole Closed

2012-07-20 Gazette - Man Killed by Police Vowed He Would Not Be Jailed Again

2012-07-20 Ford Barn - Cruisin' Back to Somewhere in Time

2012-07-20 Daily Mail - Nitro Aims to Beautify City Block by Block

2012-07-19 WCHS TV8 - Three People Arrested in Nitro Drug Bust

2012-07-19 Daily Mail - Nitro Window Retailer Goes Dark

2012-07-19 Daily Mail - Judge Denies Injunction to Block Nitro Annexation

2012-07-18 WSAZ TV3 - Nitro Police Ask For Public Help in Jewelry Store Heist

2012-07-18 Gazette - Nitro Annexation Plan Includes Chemical Waste Dump

2012-07-18 Daily Mail - Nitro Residents Can Get Emergency Alerts Sent to Cellphones

2012-07-17 The State Journal - DEP Awards $60,000 in Litter Control Grants

2012-07-17 Gazette - Nitro Gets New Community Alert System

2012-07-16 WOWK TV13 - St. Albans and Nitro Police Departments Launch Text Alert System

2012-07-16 Pt. Pleasant Register - Local Historical Events Play Part in County's History

2012-07-16 Gazette - Nitro Seeks New Police Chief

2012-07-12 WSAZ TV3 - Police Searching for Jewelry Store Heist Suspects

2012-07-12 WOWK TV13 - Nitro Police Investigating Larceny

2012-07-12 WOWK TV13 - Nitro Police Investigating Theft at Marr's Jewelry

2012-07-12 Gazette - Carper Says He Won't Fight Nitro Annexation

2012-07-11 Sunday Gazette-Mail - Four Racetracks Awarded Tourism Advertising Grants

2012-07-11 Gazette - More Frustrated With Process Tha With Annexation at Hearing

2012-07-10 Daily Mail - Nitro Seeks Applicants for Patrolman Position

2012-07-06 WCHS TV8 - Police Bust Meth Lab by Nitro High School

2012-07-06 Gazette - Boil Water Advisory in Place for in Nitro-Cross Lanes

2012-07-04 Private Officer - Nitro WV Police Chief Fired by New Mayor

2012-07-04 Daily Mail - Nitro Taking Bids for Paving Project

2012-07-03 WTRF TV3 - Longtime WV Police Chief Fired

2012-07-03 Gazette - Nitro Mayor Defends Decision to Fire Police Chief

2012-07-02 WSAZ TV3 - Long Time Nitro Police Chief Terminated by New Mayor

2012-07-02 WCHS TV8 - Nitro Chief Fired

2012-07-02 WBOY TV - Nitro to Rotate Cooling Stations

2012-07-02 Gazette - Long Time Nitro Police Chief Fired

2012-07-02 Daily Mail - New Nitro Mayor Fires Police Chief

2012-07-01 Gazette Half Million Customers Still Without Power

2012-06-30 WOWK TV13- Nitro Pool Open for Free Today

2012-06-30 Sunday Gazette Mail - Storm Slams WV

2012-06-28 Gazette - Nitro City Council Calls Sunday Meeting to Swear in Mayor

2012-06-25 West Virginia Record - Former Employee Sues City of Nitro for Harassment

2012-06-19 Gazette - Casto Bids Farewell at Nitro Council Meeting

2012-06-16 West Virginia Record - Jordan vs City of Nitro

2012-06-14 Gazette - Public Hearing Scheduled for Bayer Plant Annexation

2012-06-10 Sunday Gazette Mail - Incoming Nitro Mayor Has Big Plans for City

2012-06-08 Daily Mail - Short Takes -- Restrictions on Cellphone Use

2012-06-08 Daily Mail - Police, Firefighters Pension Shortfalls

2012-06-07 Gazette - Council Passes City's Version of Texting Cellphone Ban While Driving

2012-06-07 Daily Mail - Mayor Elect Promises to Clean Up Nitro

2012-06-07 Daily Mail - Casto Congratulates Nitro Mayor Elect

2012-06-06 WSAZ - Mayor Elect Casebolt Discusses City's Future

2012-06-06 Gazette - Former Parks Director Sues Nitro

2012-06-06 Daily Mail - Nitro Mayor Defeated by Councilman in City Election

2012-06-05 Gazette - Casebolt Unseats Longtime Nitro Mayor Casto

2012-06-01 Daily Mail - Mayor Councilman Face Off in Nitro Mayoral Election

2012-05-31 Gazette - Nitro Mayoral Race a Contrast in Styles

2012-05-30 Kanawha Valley News - Nitro Cuts Ribbon on New Streetscape

2012-05-29 WSAZ - Early Voting Underway for Nitro's City Election

2012-05-29 WOWK TV13 - Today Marks Last Day of School for Putnam Students

2012-05-25 Gazette - WVDEP Announces Environmental Excellence Awards

2012-05-25 WSAZ - DEP Honors Businesses & Communities During Environmental Awards

2012-05-24 WSAZ - Nitro Woman Honored for Volunteer Work to Help People Read

2012-05-21 Daily Mail - Nitro Opens Boat Ramp at Former Landfill

2012-05-18 Daily Mail - Mardi Gras Hosting Reception for State Democrats

2012-05-13 WOWK TV13 - State and Local Leaders Dedicate New Gazebo in Nitro

2012-05-10 WOWK TV13 - Use of Police Funds in Nitro Questioned

2012-05-10 Gazette - Problems With Nitro Police Funds Fixed, Attorney Says

2012-05-09 Kanawha Valley News - Nitro School Dedicates New Playground

2012-05-09 Kanawha Valley News - Turnpike Chevrolet Supporting Local Little League Squad

2012-05-09 Kanawha Valley News - Roller Derby Launches With a Bang at Nitro

2012-05-09 Daily Mail - Group Says Greyhound Injuries Down

2012-05-07 WOWK TV13 - Nitro High School Evacuated for Bomb Threat

2012-05-04 WCHS 58 - Getting Ready for a New Bridge

2012-05-04 Marcellus Drilling News - New Movement on the Aither Chemicals Cracker Plant in WV

2012-05-03 Rat Rod Bikes - Nitro's 1st Annual Vintage Custom Bike Show Sept. 7th

2012-05-03 Daily Mail - Nitro Files Petition to Annex Strip of Land Near Bayer Plant

2012-05-01 Gazette - Nitro to be Recognized by DEP

2012-04-30 WOWK TV13 - Nitro & St. Albans Receive $20,000 for Historical Preservation of Bridge

2012-04-22 Gazette - Wheel of Fortune Hopefuls Fill Nitro Casino

2012-04-17 Gazette - Preliminary Nitro Paving List announced

2012-04-17 Daily Mail - Nitro Council Meets Roller Girls

2012-04-11 WSAZ TV-3 - Crime Watch program Underway in Nitro

2012-04-10 WOWK TV-13 - WV Treasurers Office Educating Nitro Residents About Unclaimed Property

2012-04-10 Gazette - Nitro Officer Says Wife & Colleagues Aid Recovery

2012-04-03 Gazette - Candidates Announced in Nitro

2012-04-03 Daily Mail - City Council Certifies Candidates for Municipal Election

2012-03-29 Putnam Live - Ridenour Lake Gets New Gazebo

2012-03-28 Gazette - Arrest Made in Nitro Robbery

2012-03-28 Daily Journal - Ag Commissioner Helmick to Open Nitro Headquarters

2012-03-26 Daily Mail - Crews Have Started on Bridge Replacement

2012-03-22 WSAZ - Truck Hit by Train in Nitro

2012-03-22 Gazette - Car Hit by Train in Nitro

2012-03-21 Huntington News Net - Kanawha County Officials Seem Whipped by Casino

2012-03-20 Gazette - Nitro Swears in Two New City Firefighters

2012-03-19 Gazette - 12 inch Valve Break - Water Back on in Areas

2012-03-19 Daily Mail - Utility Says Leaking Valve Repaired in Nitro

2012-03-19 Daily Mail - Community Briefs - Poultry Expert at Town & Country Supply

2012-03-15 Gazette - Electrical Blaze at Fire Department in Nitro

2012-03-14 Gazette - Ortin Heights Cemetery Needs Care Donations

2012-03-14 Daily Mail - Small Fire Breaks Out at Nitro Firestation

2012-03-14 Gazette - Fire Reported at Nitro Fire Station

2012-03-13 Gazette - Casino Exec Blasts Referendum

2012-03-09 Daily Mail - Democrats Also Critical of Casino Petition Drive

2012-03-08 Gazette - Town & Country Supply - Putnam County Business of the Month

2012-03-08 Gazette - Monsanto Deal Details Released

2012-03-08 WOWK TV13 - Nitro OKs Resolution to Support Gaming at Mardi Gras

2012-03-06 Gazette - Nitro Honors Retired Schoolteacher & Rosie the Riveters

2012-03-02 Wall Street Journal - A Town Embraces Its Explosive Past

2012-03-02 Sunday Gazette Mail - Republican WV Senator Blasts State Party Chairman

2012-03-01 Gazette - WV GOP Wants Mardi Gras Casino's Table Games Yanked

2012-02-29 Gazette - Bulletin Board - Food Give Away

2012-02-27 ALL.GOV - Monsanto Agrees to Pay Victims of Dioxin in West Virginia, but Not Much

2012-02-27 Gazette - Racetrack & Casino Hosting Job Fair

2012-02-25 Gazette - Nitro and Monsanto - A Love Hate Relationship

2012-02-24 Sunday Gazette Mail - Monsanto Vows $93 Million to Nitro Residents

2012-02-24 Gazette - Monsanto Dioxin Case Tenative Settlement Reached

2012-02-24 Daily Mail - Monsanto Settlement Reportedly Reached  - Hearing Set for Today

2012-02-22 Daily Mail - Nitro Takes Steps to Add Rank to Fire Department

2012-02-21 Gazette - Council Moves to Establish Rank of Fire Department Lieutenant

2012-02-15 Gazette - Three Face Meth Charges in Nitro

2012-02-08 Gazette - Work to Begin on Nitro-St.Albans Bridge

2012-02-07 Seedlings to Stars - J.R. Bradley, Nitro Finest

2012-02-07 Gazette - Nitro Mulls Ideas for Using Grant Funds Near Bridge

2012-02-07 Daily Mail - Date of St.Albans - Nitro Bridge Closure Announced

2012-01-25 WOWK-TV13 - Jury Pool Picked for WV Class Action Lawsuit

2012-01-24 WCHS-58AM - Carper Promises Long Look at Nitro Annexation Plan

2012-01-20 WOWK-TV13 - Deaf Woman Honored in Nitro for her Impact on Community

2012-01-18 Gazette - Nitro Citizen of the Month an Inspiration to the Community

2012-01-18 Gazette - Nitro Annexes Around Bayer

2012-01-18 Gazette - Jay Long Inducted Into Santa Claus Hall of Fame

2012-01-18 State Journal - WV Supreme Court Spokesman - Monsanto Case Will Begin By Late January

2012-01-17 WSAZ TV3 - City of Nitro Moves On With Annexation Plan

2012-01-17 Daily Mail - Nitro Annexes Loop of Land Around Bayer Plant

2012-01-17 Gazette - Nitro Annexation Creates Free Enterprise Zone Around Bayer

2012-01-16 WSAZ TV3 - Water Main Break Causes Icy Conditions in Nitro

2012-01-16 Daily Mail - FedEx Planning $6 Million Facility in Cross Lanes

2012-01-13 WCHS TV8 - FedEx Plans to Expand at Nitro Market Place

2012-01-13 Herald Dispatch - Woman Turns Longtime Love of Cooking into Business

2012-01-11 Gazette - Days Start Early for Nitro Senior Center Cooks

2012-01-11 Gazette - Mercer Circuit Judge Clarifies Media Rules for Monsanto Trial

2012-01-09 WSAZ News Channel 3 - Industry Steps Into Controversial Dunbar-Institute Annexation Talks

2012-01-08 Sunday Gazette Mail - Group Hopes to Stream Monsanto Trial

2012-01-08 Sunday Gazette Mail - Toxic Pollution Dioxin Cleanup Blocked from Monsanto Trail

2012-01-06 Neighbors - Nitro Public Library Gets New Metal Roof

2012-01-05 Conventions - W.Va. Town May Annex Hotels to Lure Convention Business

2012-01-04 Daily Mail - Officials Address Missing Nitro Police Funds

2012-01-03 WSAZ TV3 - Monsanto Case Underway in Court

2012-01-03 WOWK TV13 - Nitro Passes 1st Reading of Measure to Annex Property Around Bayer Plant

2012-01-03 Gazette - Nitro Police Say They Need Records Back

2012-01-03 Gazette - Nitro Plans to Annex Land Around Bayer Plant

2012-01-02 WOWK TV13 - Nitro Police Officers Plan to Crack Down on Drunk Drivers
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