City of Nitro - Recreational Opportunities
Opened to public recreation in 1973, Ridenour Lake is a 28 acre man-made flood control project, first
called the "Blakes Creek-Armour Creek Watershed Project".  It was named after the original chairman
of the Watershed Commission, Mr. M.V. "Jack" Ridenour, who died in 1966 while the project was in its
infancy.  The flood control project was initiated in 1961 by Nitro Mayor, W.W. Alexander.  After a
disastrous flash flood caused thousands of dollars of damage to Nitro's 21st Street homes, the mayor
asked the Soil Conservation Service to begin a study of the watershed area.

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beginning in 1961, through 1974 when the deed to Ridenour Park was presented to the City of Nitro.
City Park
The City of Nitro purchased 15 acres of land bordering the Kanawha River in 1954 to use for city
recreation.  The park now consists of baseball fields, basketball court, soccer field & a walking track.

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The original Nitro Public Swimming Pool was on Viscose Road (aka: Plant Road, Republic Way, West
19th Street) built in the foundation of an original 1918 "Explosives Plant C" building.

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From the Pocatalico Country Club in 1918, to the Sleepy Hollow Golf Course where Ridenour Lake is
now located, to the Rock Branch Golf Course later purchased by Monsanto ...

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